How to make game in the browser thanks to ScalaJS

A few month ago, the Paris Scala User Group kindly invited me present a workshop introducing [Scala.js( Even better, i had the chance to present it at ScalaIO 2018. The workshop materials are here.

I will present how to develop a web application in Scala.js. This talk is for Scala developers having a penchant for web development but rebuffed by JavaScript. It goes from ScalaJS basics to the implementation of a naive virtual DOM written in Scala. It presents:

  • how to setup Sbt for cross compilation
  • what is the DOM and how to manipulate it
  • events and their propagation
  • the Model/View/Update architecture (a.k.a the ELM architecture)

The final result can be experimented with at slimetrail. The english material for the ScalaIO workshop are not yet available but the ones for the PSUG workshop, in french are here.

The Application